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15 & 16 May 2025


New theme ARCHITECT@WORK will be... Super Skin

17 November 2022

The new theme for the next edition of ARCHITECT@WORK Kortrijk (Thursday 11 and Friday 12 May 2023) is set. After careful consideration with the committee, the next Belgian edition of the event will run under the header 'Super Skin'.

Super Skin is a theme that contains multiple facets. Of course, one immediately thinks of the outer skin of buildings, but the theme goes much further than this. For instance, Super Skin is not just something that only applies outside, numerous interior finishes can also have a Super Skin finishing.

This theme is about using nothing but high-quality, innovative and sustainable materials, systems and processes that meet the highest demands of architects and designers. By Super Skin, you think of anything that is outstanding, offers extreme resistance, boasts super-insulating properties, exhibits tremendous flexibility, and so on.... And, of course, Super Skin embraces all possible new technologies that can meet the ever-increasing expectations, whether in the construction itself, in spatial planning or in product design.

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