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PROJECT WALL by Erick Saillet

One studio, two photographers. An artisanal approach to photography. A need for a job well done, an unwavering commitment. The story of the studio began in 1993, when Erick Saillet decided to set up as a freelance photographer, after having worked in audiovisual production. Son of an architect, without having been co-opted, his education in image began early. Engaged in a constant process of development of his activity, Erick Saillet remains in tune with the times and new technologies. The year 2003 saw the development of digital technology in the field of professional photography. The change of direction will be taken, while continuing to work in parallel with film. The approach is not the same, it is necessary to adapt. You have to review your fundamentals, change your perspective, change your automatisms. Change also in its structure, with the arrival of a full-time employee, Benoit Ravier-Bollard, a photographer with an artistic and academic background, who will be able to bring his skills to bear on the ever more qualitative and demanding development of the studio's productions. Evolving according to their common practice for more than 15 years, the two photographers of the Studio Erick Saillet influence each other, learn, and continue to discover the pleasure of being in front of an architectural creation to translate into images.




Portrait of Benoit Ravier-Bollard: © Erick Saillet  

Portrait of Erick Saillet: © Benoit Ravier-Bollard

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