Kortrijk Xpo
15 & 16 May 2025

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Omaggio Mario Botta 80

“scacchi  sacri  bOttanta”

A richly detailed chess set in solid pear and maple, executes with mastery (1), as an eternal homage to a great architect and warm-hearted fellow human being. Connection and interaction between architecture, art, craftsmanship, ingenuity, strategy, passion, life and play.

"un atto d'amore"          "un acte d'amour"          "an act of love"


A selection from the vast favorite oeuvre of religious buildings together forms a new imaginary city, as it were, up to you to mold it to your liking. At the express request of architetto Mario Botta, a signed, numbered limited 1° edition of 80 pieces is on offer. As a bonus, a customised, possibly self-built or fully ready-to-play LEGO version is also available.



Execution : modelli di architettura          

Modellista Ivan Kunz  - Mendrisio (CH)  

Idea : Opapa-bouwmeester       

Christiaan m.j. Stockx  

Veltem (BE)

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