Kortrijk Xpo
15 & 16 May 2025

Features and seminars 2023

Earth as a second skin


Jan Keymis – Hippo Architecten
Tom Cortoos – Beel Architecten
Benjamin Denef – DMOA
Shana Debrock – Departement Omgeving

Moderator: Rik Neven – Architectura

It seems natural for a building to be built on top of the earth. But that does not always need to be the case. Why not use the earth as a second skin. In that way, you create a free, high-performance insulation layer while minimising the building's impact on the natural environment. 

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Seminar in Dutch

Some Lessons Learned about Facades


Tae Young Yoon – Senior Architect, Snøhetta

This will be a brief extrapolation of how we at Snøhetta might approach the design of a "super-skin" if it were a stand-alone project - structured in three parts: prepping in our past expreience; gaining sight(hind-, fore-, in-); embracing the cycle.

Seminar in English

Design meets Digital - Past, future and beyond.


Marc Martinez Marti – Architect Head of Computational Design at ncbham

Super skin will be approached from a digital perspective in this lecture.

Computational design is revolutionizing the construction industry by empowering designers like never before. By optimizing resources and exploring shapes that were once impossible to build, we can envision a more sustainable future for architecture.

Seminar in English

Young Wolves' view - Young architects, their ambitions and expectations


- Maarten Vanbelle | Atelier Vens Vanbelle
- Servaas De Wandel | platform architectuur

- Elise Kerckhof | Twee Twaalf Architecten | voorzitter raad West-Vlaanderen, Orde van Architecten
- Laura Muyldermans | architect laura muyldermans | praktijkassistente Faculteit Architectuur KU Leuven en ULB La Cambre Horta
- Nick Willems | maf architecten
- Valerie Buyse | Cnockaert Architecture | Bureau Buyse
- Bram Aerts | TRANS architectuur & stedenbouw | docent Faculteit Architectuur KU Leuven, campus Sint-Lucas Gent
- Marie Gevaert | Vaneeckhout Architecture

Moderator: Goedele Wachters


In the third part of its five-part debate series celebrating 60 years of the Order of Architects, the Flemish Council of the Order of Architects will let a number of young and promising firms have their say.

Orde van Architecten – Vlaamse Raad
Seminar in Dutch

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